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What will my photo session be like with CODIO Photography?

Photo sessions with CODIO Photography are never rushed. You don’t have to feel anxious about getting them to smile because all sessions are easy going and fun. If your child needs a snuggle or a snack or even a little bit of play time to get comfortable, that's fine. We know that babies need lots of attention and if you need to feed, change or just cuddle your newborn there is downtime for this as well, which is our time to connect with you to make your photos all that more personal.

What style of photography do you use and how will my photos be edited?

Being both photographers and graphic designers, this gives us an advantage and freedom to turn our images into anything imaginable. However, we do love natural and spontaneous looking photos which are what we strive for. We guarantee you photos that will wow you, and be creatively colorful, vibrant and spectacular to view. We can also custom design photo albums, digital albums, coffee books, birth announcements, save the date and greeting cards of all kinds that will per personally designed to fit your individuality and style.

How long will my photo session last?

Please not that the following are guidelines.

FAMILY SHOOTS: are generally 1-1.5 hours. 
CHILDREN SHOOTS: are generally about 1 hour.
NEWBORN SHOOTS:  tend to be about 2-3 hours due to various posing and photos with mom and dad, siblings as well as newborn alone.  There is also time allotted for feeding, changing and comforting of baby. 

When are the best times to do professional photos?

MATERNITY: the best time to have maternity photos done are between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy. This way you are pregnant enough to show but not too big and uncomfortable. We want you feel great but still comfortable.

NEWBORN: the best time to do a newborn shot is ideally 6-10 days. This way we can capture their remarkable tiny features and size (something that does not last long). This gives us the best chance to get those sleepy, curled up shots that make you say “awww”. And of course we always try to snap a few with open eyes. Babies are generally very sleepy in the first couple of weeks and it makes it easier for us to move them around and change them into different outfits and props if desired. At this time we are able to capture their most innocent moments. 

BABIES: when photographing babies it is always best to have them fully rested and fed. Choose a time that is happiest for your little one. The best time for a baby photo shoot is when they just learn to sit up but are not yet crawling. This way we can photograph them alone and they are usually quite happy with something simple to look at or play with. We encourage you to bring something that is favorite to them so that they feel more comfortable.

CHILDREN: are much more flexible. Since you know your child again we ask you to pick the time that works best for them when they are most rested and happy; whether that be first thing in the morning or right after a nap, you decide. It is best if they are not tired or hungry. 

FAMILIES: any time is a good time. Families and seasons change quickly and children grow bigger every day. Once a year family photos are a great idea. You pick the season and we try to accommodate. Our busiest time of the year is Summer and Fall with many events going on at that time so keep that in mind and try to plan ahead. 

What if someone gets sick?

If your child or someone else is not feeling well or sick, please call and we will reschedule; people generally do not photograph well when they are sick.

What should I wear for my photo shoot?

MATERNITY: when choosing an outfit to wear, always choose something that makes you feel good wearing and is comfortable. Do not wear anything that is tight and will leave indentations on your skin. Solid, neutral clothing is always best, as patterns and prints can be very distracting and take away from the beauty of belly and mommy. If you are comfortable with doing nude or half nude photos we encourage this as well since they are much more natural looking. If you have any ideas let us know and we are more than happy to work with anything you are interested in doing.

NEWBORNS: choosing something for your newborn can be stressful, however don’t let it stress you out. Birthday suit is best! We love to photography newborns in the nude as it is their most natural form (simple and innocent). However, if you like, you can bring one outfit to put baby in and it can be something special or something just super cute. (Outfits on baby usually work best during the family photos) otherwise baby is typically wrapped or in other clothing articles provided by the photographer.  Depending on baby we will try our best to accommodate. Again when choosing an outfit for baby; neutral and comfortable are best, try to stay away from prints or patterns. We also recommend bringing something extra for you too because accidents can happen. Please bring along all the supplies you may need during the session so you will not have to leave during the session.

CHILDREN: when there is more than one child, color coordination is key. Try to choose colors that go well together. Children do not have to wear the exact same outfit unless you would like them to be. Stay away from patterns and prints. Neutrals and solids are always best as too much action takes away from the beautiful faces of the children which is what we are trying to capture. Bare feet and jeans always looks cute. Feel free to bring a wardrobe change as well as any props which add a nice touch to any photo. CODIO Photography has many props and accessories to choose from.

FAMILIES: similar to children, color coordinating is important when there are groups of people. Try to keep it neutral, simple and solid in terms of colors. Stay away from big logos or very busy prints and designs. Jeans always look good in family photos. Come in clothing that is natural and comfortable.

What happens after my photo shoot? How do we view and choose our photos?

Please allow up to 2 weeks after your photo session for your photos to be edited and ready for viewing online. Once photos are ready for viewing, you will receive a password protected gallery from us by email. Once images have been chosen, please allow an additional 2 weeks for your prints and digital images to be ready for pick up. 

What is the difference between ordering prints from you or if I print them at my own lab off the CD or USB you give me?

All of our prints are edited and retouched as well as corrected for color, saturation, density and they are printed by professionals with professional equipment and supplies at professional labs. We cannot guarantee the quality of your photos that you receive if they are not printed through us.



When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?

Right Now! If you are pregnant and you know that you want a newborn photo session, please call us and schedule your session as soon as you can. Although I know better than anyone after having 4 children that they come when they want, at least we can preschedule an appointment so we have an idea of when a baby is coming. Once baby arrives, then we reserve a date that works for both of us.  We always do our best to fit you in. Once you are tentatively on the schedule for a newborn photo session, you will be given priority for scheduling when baby arrives. If your baby is already born, please feel free to call or email to schedule a baby photo session. I do try to fit newborns in whenever it is possible.

When should I call to schedule the actually session date?

We ask our clients to put us on their birth call list so that they remember to give us a call as soon as you can after baby is born. An email is fine too. Some parents will even message me as they are going into labor or heading to the hospital. The birth of a child is so special and we love to be a part of this once in a life time event. This also allows us to do any schedule juggling that might be necessary to be sure that you get your newborn photo session within the first 10 days of baby’s life.

When is the best time for a newborn photo session to take place?

The best time for a newborn session is within 6 to 10 days after birth. There are some circumstances when your baby may have to be photographed later (such as a longer hospital stay), but in general we want to photography baby as soon after birth as possible. This gives us the best chance to capture those once in a life time tiny little moments and looks that babies have. They change so quickly. 

Where will the baby session take place? Where is your Studio?

You have two choices when it comes to newborn photo session, in our fully equipped Studio that is located in Airdrie, Alberta, or in your own home.  Whether photos are done in our Studio or in your home, we always bring the necessary equipment and accessories to successfully photography you and your family.

How long will the session last?

Newborn sessions are very unpredictable. The session could be anywhere from one hour up to three hours just depending on baby. Please plan accordingly. Once your session is scheduled, we will send you all of the information that is needed to help to ensure a happy, sleepy baby during our session. If you follow the tips and guidelines that I suggest, chances are good that we will not have a problem, although some babies do take longer than others to settle. In the event that baby is just not happy and we cannot get him to calm within a reasonable amount of time, we may have to reschedule the photo session.

Do parents have to be in the pictures?

We do know that you just recently gave birth and are not feeling like your beautiful self, but yes! You should try to be in at least a few photos. We can work wonders with retouching and editing of dark circles from sleepless nights and we also know how to hide those other remaining areas. You cannot get this time back with your baby and later you will be thankful to have photos of yourself with your newborn baby. As your baby grows, he will love looking back on those photos of himself as a teeny tiny baby with mom and dad. Having said this it is your choice who will be included in the photos. Can siblings be included in the photos? We most definitely will try to include older siblings in a few photos. However sometimes photos can be difficult when working with toddlers. Is it possible? Yes it is however I cannot guarantee success as this does depend on each child. Each toddler is unique in their attitude towards their new sibling and sometimes they just don’t want to be in there however we will try our best.

Is it possible to take some breastfeeding photos?

Most definitely! I know that breastfeeding may be new to you and you may feel a bit uncomfortable and awkward, but in the end breastfeeding will most likely be a fond memory that you will want to remember. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things on earth between a newborn baby and mommy and we love these special moments. We have many tasteful and artistic ways to photograph breastfeeding moms if this is something that you are interested. As well I, Charlene breastfed my own three children for many many months and am very comfortable with the process. If you are interested in breastfeeding shots, please let me know ahead of time so that we can plan for this.

Why should we choose you to photograph our family?

We believe that newborn photo sessions are one of the most important and memorable things that one can do. Although sometimes people don’t think of it in the moment because having a newborn is so so so busy and life changing that sometimes you just don’t think about it. However this is the reason for planning the newborn session near the end of your pregnancy so that once baby is here all of the technicality of booking the appointment is out of the way. This is a time in your child’s life that you can never get back. A once in a life time chance to capture your tiny babies features that you will be able to look back at for years and decades to come. You will have many future photo sessions with your child as they grown but the period for the sweetest, sleepy, newborn photos is only within the first two weeks of life. This is why who you choose as your photographer for this time is very important. You want someone who has experience working with newborns and who has a proven track record for producing quality images every time. Newborn photography is one of our favorites and we believe that capturing these special moments for you as important as it was when we captured them for ourselves.